Blue hour in Pearl River Delta


Hong Kong Tower fitted with GERA

Several towers in Hong Kong have been fitted with GERA lights and GERA Scan&Light technology. Scan&Light makes it possible to capture and programme light scenarios and moods. Any time of day can be summoned into your room at the touch of a button, even after sunset.

The lights from light-systems 2 and 4, as well as profile built-in kitchen lights were installed in diverse fixtures, in particular in the kitchen area. The ultra-modern techno-logy and design won over the property developers.

The possible colour adaptations can be selected according to personal taste. Warm and cool light moods and natural as well as man-made colours, excessive tones from the cityscape by night.

Glass shelf
Glass shelf GERA light system 4
Profile built-in light
Profile built-in light
Under-unit light
Under-unit light GERA light system 2