„Our quality comes from true conviction. This ensures that the quality permeates to the process
and finally to the product.“  

Thomas Pethke, Electro signal mechanic/­special constructions, proto­type con­struc­tion

Quality    Quality for us is a ques­tion of our attitude to the product and to the manufacturing process as a whole. Our quality stems from dedication and the feel­ing that we are personally re­spon­sible. Dis­ci­pline and a solid system are called for on a daily basis. We pro­cess selected ma­te­ri­als carefully and precisely. Our perfection lies in the smallest detail.

Regardless of whether the cus­tom­er orders 1 product or 100 in a series, the customer’s specific de­mands are always fulfilled. GERA Leuchten also develops on behalf of our customers and exclusively. We can rely on our team of ex­pe­ri­enced product developers, CAD experts and a close network of modern workshops and suppliers.