GERA Scan&Light

Light and its colour temperatures have a significant influence on our bodies and general well-being. In other words, sometimes we simply want to immerse our living quarters in a certain light mood. 

GERA Scan&Light now makes it possible for the first time to reproduce light situations almost identically e.g. from nature. 

Scan&Light can be controlled using simple programmes and from all common mobile devices and of course also from a PC. This means that all GERA lights in a private house or an office building can be controlled coherently or individually. Complete light scenarios can be saved and retrieved. Colours, intensities and intervals can be selected precisely and controlled. Even if it’s only to remind oneself of particular scenery in nature.

The Scan+Light App controls all lights from one building unit from the multifunctional surface.

The Scan+Light app controls all lights
in a building unit from one
multifunctional surface