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GERA light system 2 (+)

Developed for open room planning the Gera light ¬system 2 brings light and electrical connections into room and furniture niches. The product can bear an 8 kg load per metre as a surface mounted light. Lengths up to max. 6 metres, light fields, sockets and switches can be planned and positioned at will. The profile emerges laterally under the wall unit and as such connects the base and extension functions in a new combination light. A system with pioneering characteristics in particular with regards to planning, light atmosphere and stability.

GERA light system 3 (+)

The Gera light system 3 is a supporting light board made of anodised aluminium with a high load-bearing capacity that illuminates both upwards and downwards. It is both an atmospheric light source and a piece of furniture with variable widths. It can even withstand a weight of 40kg/m. The system, which was awarded the iF Design Award in 2004, is ideal for highlighting object architecture in luxurious living areas, atmospheric bathrooms and for open-plan and living kitchen areas.

GERA light system 4 (+)

More slender, more mobile, lighter than comparable products and fitted with individually controllable LED technology, the GERA light system 4 illuminates every cabinet and in the kitchen every work surface under the wall units with bright and glare-free white or colour alternating light. The design is simple, the function impressive. Integrated cable routing is just as much a part of the constructive fittings as solid compressibility and the support of the rear corpus wall (3–8mm). The reduced edge thickness of 19 mm corresponds exactly to the standard dimensions of the corpus construction.

GERA light system 6 (+)

The GERA light system 6, geometrically simple but complex in its use, is the modular light system for creative planners, who strive to provide equal illumination to furniture and rooms. The concept is multifunctional and architecturally characterised. The form is simple and clear. All types of light in the light system are coordinated in design and light technology. They can be ordered in standard widths and in individual widths up to a length of 150 cm.

GERA light system 7 (+)

In 2004 GERA Leuchten planned a new light system specifically for the use of particularly small illuminants such as LEDs and halogen bulbs. It enables the furniture and room planner to integrate light even into the smaller grooves and for example behind glass shelves. The light is emitted evenly over the glass surfaces and glass edges. The use of LEDs makes it possible to illuminate selected furniture edges and grooves discreetly in a confined space. Fine, white or coloured vibrant lines are created, which produce a change in colour using remote control. In the GERA light system 7 networked furniture and room segments can communicate with each other via coloured light and as such contribute to a specific light atmosphere.

GERA light system 8 (+)

The Gera light system 8 is a dimensionally variable wall light. It focuses on the integration of indirect, energy saving light in diverse room and furniture surroundings with its elegant metal screen. The metal screen can be adjusted to five settings, it reflects the light against the room wall and makes it radiate either in the direction of the ceiling or the floor. The light can be used vertically or horizontally. The light system can be extended horizontally to form long self-contained light strips. An additional profile supplements the practical railing ¬function. An appealing combination of light, furniture and room.

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