• Light bodies – 
    Objects with light

Gera plays host to Burg Giebichenstein

The joint project „Bodies of light“ from the Burg Giebichenstein College in cooperation with GERA Leuchten began with a two-day workshop. „Bodies of light“ is meant in the sense of object design, the new combination of light and everyday objects: The connection between light and body attempts to capture something from the auratic atmosphere of the phenomenon light.  

Against the backdrop of one of the most modern production sites for lights and light furniture the students discussed and designed numerous objects and visions under the direction of Professor Hofmann and Thomas Ritt.

Of course Scan&Light technology was one of the major innovations introduced to the students by our developers: And finally we enjoyed Rosterbraten* together in the evening while contemplating the evening sky and discussing the possibilities of light adaption well into the night.

*the Thuringian Roster (grilled sausage) – in line with the EU decree 15 cm long and protected since 6.1.2004.