Simple assembly
behind removable glass


Solid cast
metal end caps


Glass shelf

GERA light system 4

Gentle attention

Light extends a room, at the same time it draws us closer. It diverts our percep­tion and focuses our concen­tration in the direc­tion of contemp­lation. The GERA glass shelf merges indirect light with furniture functions. Fine, anodised aluminium profiles form a mini­malistic contour for an other­wise robust installation providing a fine frame­work for favourite decorative pieces. Undiscovered room niches are drawn into the light and arranged play­fully. The result is a private place, carried by light and characterised by calm and gentle attention.

The light has been awarded an imm interior award.

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Dimensions (+)

L x W x H in mm:
600 x 200 x 38
900 x 200 x 38
1200 x 200 x 38

200 – 1200

Product versions (+)

aluminium coloured

stainless steel coloured

black coloured
Product family (+)
Guarantee (+)

Guarantee - GERA Leuchten offers a three year guarantee on the entire GERA Leuchten product