Light shelf Q40

A place at the window

In every layout there are areas that are not exposed to day­light, which for interior design reasons demand some bright­ening up. Targeted light control can now place room corners, decentra­lised niches and corri­dors on an equal ranking with sur­faces that are near to windows. The light shelf Q40 performs this equa­lising effect in two respects. The adapta­tion possi­bili­ties using white adapta­tion in day­light situa­tions and the compact shelf function comple­ment each other to form a timeless-­architec­tural piece of shelf furni­ture, which can open up and revive room areas on a func­tional level.

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Dimensions (+)

L x W x H in mm:
381 x 1570 x 401
381 x 1950 x 401
381 x 2330 x 401


Product versions (+)

frame: aluminium coloured

frame: black coloured

shelf: glass satin-finished

shelf: oak veneer flooring dark

shelf: oak veneer flooring reed brown
Guarantee (+)

GERA Leuchten offers a three year guarantee on the entire GERA Leuchten product.