Light shelf 100

Light as an aesthetic event

The GERA light shelf 100 – A design concept as a modern offset to the conven­tional support-­load-­ideas. Light becomes an artistic entral theme of construction and design. Filigree cones carry the furniture as a radiant figure. Changing light stages a captivating perfor­mance. Glass and wooden surfaces are radiated with bright light similar to a stage and flood the immediate space like scenery. The user directs, arranges his actors and stages their perfor­mance per colour adaptation, sometimes warm, sometimes eccentric, sometimes factual, sometimes cool.

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Award Award
Dimensions (+)

L x W x H in mm:
1000 x 350 x 1840

Product versions (+)

frame: aluminium coloured

frame: black coloured

shelf: glass satin-finished

shelf: oak veneer flooring dark

shelf: oak veneer flooring reed brown
Guarantee (+)

Guarantee - GERA Leuchten offers a three year guarantee on the entire GERA Leuchten product