Light bridge suspended

GERA light system 6

Ready for the island

Condensed Living is the theme of the future. Home environments are merging and room functions are forming one fluid transition. Condensed living places completely new demands on furniture and interior design.

Island layouts are favoured in modern kitchen concepts. Kitchen appliances are integrated seamlessly. Cook top extractor fans isolate the air discharged when cooking and frying and direct it into the open air through base units. They guarantee clean air and new freedom of design right through to the open living area. Kitchen wall units are becoming less important. Nevertheless, they are being replaced, as light, storage and preparation remain important requirements for functionality.

The GERA light bridge hovers above the work. It arranges tools, presents inspiring ingredients and lightens the workspace without glaring into neighbouring relaxation zones. Valuable light for open living areas.

Dimensions (+)

Standard dimensions (l x w x h in mm)
600 x 230 x 1100
1000 x 230 x 1100

Special lengths (in mm)

Product versions (+)

aluminium coloured

stainless steel coloured

Guarantee (+)

GERA Leuchten offers a three-year guarantee on the entire GERA Leuchten product range.