Can be supplemented with various kitchen utensils,
220 V sockets and a USB socket


Continuous glass shelf


Light rail with glass shelf

GERA light system 6

Illuminating work of art with double function  

The GERA light rail with glass shelf combines design standards with a double function. The rear panel conceals a runner rail, on which various accessory carriers can easily be slid back and forth. In the kitchen, where flat cabinet planning often creates a uniform and somewhat mundane effect, the light rail breaks the rigidity and puts cooking utensils, kitchen roll or spice jars in the lime­light with atmos­pheric in­direct lighting.

In the hall the light rail is a high­lighting design tool and the place to deposit keys, smart­phone, the daily post or even scarves and jackets elegantly. All elec­tronic components are integrated, which enables simple installation on the wall. Concealed sockets for mains and USB connec­tions extend the func­tionality – and make the light rail a versa­tile design object for all rooms.

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Dimensions (+)

L x W x H in mm:
700 x 70 x 40
900 x 70 x 40
1000 x 70 x 40
1200 x 70 x 40
1790 x 70 x 40
2380 x 70 x 40


Product versions (+)

aluminium coloured

stainless steel coloured

black coloured
Guarantee (+)

Guarantee - GERA Leuchten offers a three year guarantee on the entire GERA Leuchten product