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Standard lamp 40x40

GERA light system 6

Clear lines instead of ornaments and decoration

Modern architecture follows a clear line. Ornaments and decoration give way to the calm surface, the texture of the material and the balanced proportion. This trend continues in interior spaces, demanding objects with a logical and calm design. This concept was the inspiration for the design of the standard lamp 40x40 from the GERA light system 6. It complements its horizon­tally designed sister products, the pendant and pivoted wall light, with the corres­ponding vertical model for modern room planning.

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Award Award
Dimensions (+)

L x W x H in mm:
40 x 40 x 1800

Product versions (+)

aluminium coloured

black coloured
Guarantee (+)

Guarantee - GERA Leuchten offers a three year guarantee on the entire GERA Leuchten product