Pendant light 10x40 V2

GERA light system 6

More minimalism

Minimalistically designed products can barely be improved by further reduction of their design characteristics. Only an increase in their functional features will lead to progress.

The Pendant light 10x40 V2 is even more stable than its sister product 40x10 because of its upright profile cross-section.

It can be planned more easily and longer. Two opposing light emissions double its brightness and extend its effect on the room. Enhanced glare-free and contactless operation are additional features of this lamp, which is hard to surpass in minimalism.

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Dimensions (+)

Standard dimensions (L x W x H in mm)

900 x 10 x 40
1200 x 10 40
1500 x 10 x 40
1800 x 10 x 40

Special lengths on request

Product versions (+)

aluminium coloured

stainless steel coloured

black coloured
Guarantee (+)

GERA Leuchten offers a three-year guarantee on the entire GERA Leuchten product range.